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Thursday, April 23, 2009

okay fellow readers!!
here is a slight update of people of our class
Rina - is studying A-levels i think
Joyce - is studying in DU
Su Yin - haven heard of her(I'm bad)
Nyoke Thing - She is studying something in shah alam
Yi Ting - is in australia finishing her last sem
Beatrice - is currently doing insurance (night class!!)
Yen Ee, Wai Hong, Leonard, Euson, Yihao - is in The ONE Academy
Janice - is doing accounting
WInston - currently in sunway
(might be going to victoria university.. i think)
Christine - is in HELP
Hui Peng - in SMK TS form 6
Foong Ling, Su Li and Tracey - in SEgi doing diploma in accounting
CHee hoe - TOC - The Otomotif College.. i think
Joachim - studying grafic design in some college in state
Chun hoe - studying in Ktar, marketing.. i think
Liang Jie and zhen bao - studying mechanical engineering in UTAR PJ
Wai San - studying accounting in Ktar.. i think
Ke Xin - haven seen her anywhere yet..
Kelvon Too - Studying accounting!!
Matthew and yuen kit - KDU!!
Nicholas Chin , Kao Chun- Studying in Sunway
Chee Leong - no where to be seen
CHen ghee - not sure where is is studying Utar/ktar.. i dunnoo
Kai Loon - Not sure where he is studying
Clain Yip Chia Wan - not sure where, i forgotten
Bernard - not sure
Wei Soon - studying accounting in KL
Chuo Tung - ADP in Taylors (going to US in August)
Travis - in austrlia doing something
Pn. Teh - still teaching add maths with the *okay okay okay*(YOU'LL GET THE DRILL)
You can update for those i not sure and dunno. Good luck people!!!

8:01 PM

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

anyone who wants more pictures... CONTACT ME!!!


8:08 PM

Shout Out to all class mates of 4/5 Kemboja,

Anyone who wants their Copy of photo's that you've been taking for the past to years, with your friends. You can get it from me. I'll be willing to send it over to you if alot, or upload for you on your friendster if you have little. Just send me a message, or nudge me on my msn and ask for pictures. my e-mail address is beatricegracechanhuirhu@hotmail.com . Normally on msn i will put in your sharing folder. So, just give me a message. You can also leave a post in the chat room, I'll come often to check.

all the best in college and your new life.



7:59 PM

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Class Slide Show

Hey Kembojians, thx to our beauty queen ,Beatrice , she made us a slide show! I will pose it here then, enjoy it man!

The Sweet Memories...

11:17 PM

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its Another Outing!

On the 19th of April, Me, MunKeat,Chee Hoe, Calviny, Travis, Ming xiang and Yeu Kit went to Sunway Pyramid for a mid night show , "L changed the World" , i love it! For people who actually dislike death note 1 n 2 like me, you have to try out the 3rd one which is "L changed the World", it's a great movie, L is super sweet and funny!

At around 1am++ or 2am, Joyce came to fetch me from Sunway Pyramid to her house, it's because the next morning , me, Joyce and Suli will be going to Sunway Pyramid again! Hehe. Once we reach there , we went to buy the tickets first!

We bought the tickets for movie " Over her dead body ". After buying the tickets, we went and take pictures with the movie posters!!

Su Li and Joyce took their sweet and beautiful first picture of the day!

Up Next is Me and Su Li, taking a picture nicer than the first picture,

(Nim's Island)

And then I forced Joyce to act, since everyone knows she is the Drama Queen of the kembojians! She has to act as a victim forcefully ! haha!
(Sreet Kings)

Here goes Su and Joyce again!
(Narnia 2)

This really upset me =( , me and joyce acting like the maggieQ and AndyLau from Three Kingdoms. Sadly, we are just 100000 times worse than them !

After taking pics with the posters, we went to redbox to book room ! too bad they say at night 48++ ringgit, afternoon 24++ ringgit, who will be so stupid to pay double juz to go in at night! So we erase red box out from that day, making it another day , to be specific, some AFTERNOON! So we went shopping for Su Li's stuff, but we din't get anything !

Then we went to watch "Over her dead Body!", Super GOOD SHOW! ITS A MUST WATCH! ITS FUNNY LIKE SH*T! =D It's really entertaining! After the movie, we went shopping at shops ! !

Me and Joyce started cam whoring !
Version 1

Version 2

Su Li trying out bags and stuff,
She actually wanna buy
1) A jacket
2) A college bag

When we are walking to the pool place, we saw a lot of Lala People!
We kept saying " Lala Alert "!!!! HahaHaha !!
When we were pooling, me and Pinky really feel like puking, smell so smokey and vomittie.. !!! Overall it was fun though!

Then, we went home after shopping a bag and a jacket from Elle, that makes Su Li an "Elle Freak" , she said..! We rushed to Joyce's house to get snacks, and drinks and then we drove all the way to pinky's Princess Town in Puchong, up in the hill, there is a play ground, yay? We played swings and we snack, chat about our classmates and more!

I went sliding too!

Also climbing spidey web!

OVERALL, the whole day is fun! hehe !

5:15 PM

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A class Corkboard

We need a corkboard, for short notes, and also your latest pics, let us catch up with each other =)

2:02 AM

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Recent Pics

Well.. After SPM, everyone go their own way, =( of course still have some that mix together ! I have some recent pics of ours !

Chee hoe acting like "L" ,Ghee n Mx laughin!

Ghee > Chee Hoe > Mx!

Travis,Joachim,Me,Chee Hoe,Cal,Mx,kit
Ghee was the cameraman

Travis munching yummy cake!

Me , Joyce and Pinky was outside Su Li's house!
Chatting and enjoying the views!





11:02 AM

Monday, April 14, 2008

Blog is Alive again !

Everyone from Kemboja, remember to be active again, let your high school memories be kept in this blog, so you can always check it whenever you wanna remember!


9:58 PM

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well, even though Yeu Kit isn't from our class, quite a number of kembojians were there too. In short, the party was quite fun i guess. It got better near the end, in my opinion anyway.

If you're looking for a full account of what happened on that day,
go to my blog.

Keep up the good fight and keep on rocking.

Yours sincerely,
Chairman of the Sarcastic As Hell club.

6:30 PM

Sunday, August 05, 2007

This post is about a day late, i was going to post yesterday but i kind of fell asleep while reading the newspaper. Yeah, i have weird habits and sleeping on the floor is one of them.

Well, yesterday was quite an event. I woke up at the same time as on weekdays and went to school. Now there's a weird feeling, going to school on a weekend is as weird as going to 1U when all the shops are close. Well, reached there and there was barely anybody there. I thought that was to be expected since it was still pretty early. More ppl came and our class was half there? maybe less, i think. And i looked around and the place was still pretty much empty. Emptier than last year becuz they cut the matches in half n the majority of the matches was on the day be4.

And shit i gotta go, so i'll continue this in a bout a few hours time so take this as the 1st half.

To be continued, hehe.

11:40 AM


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